Little Flower English Medium School at Chelavoor, Kozhikode, is a Christian missionary institution under the management of St. Thomas Province (Kozhikode) of the Little Flower Congregation (CST Fathers) who run several reputed institutions in various states of India. The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi. It had a humble beginning in the year 2002 in a building attached to St. Thomas Bhavan, Chelavoor with 30 students. “Be Little, Serve the Little” is the mission of the Little Flower Congregation. Our approach is the realization of this vision and mission through the proclamation of the kingdom values, empowerment of the marginalized and the disadvantaged section, priestly ministry, proclamation of the word of God and education ministry. The school, now, is a minority institution established primarily for the education of the local community. The School visualizes and imparts a holistic and integral education to its students so that they may shine on earth as a cute and innocent little flower. Education at Little Flower enables them to grow competitive and successful. Here the students are encouraged to be enduring, creative, reflective and motivated towards attaining the desired goals.

Our Patroness


St. Therese of Lisieux, also known Little Flower is the heavenly patroness of the school. She was a Carmelite nun born on 02-01-1873 at Lesbisonex (France) and flourished in holiness and charity in the Carmelite Convent at Lisieux. She challenged the world inviting to live a life of simplicity in its maximum and thereby to attain holiness. She had a very short life span of 24 years. She inspires us to conquer the world with love and simplicity

Our inspiration


Fr. Basilius Panatt CST is the founder of the Little Flower Congregation (CST Fathers), whose members are involved in education, social welfare, rural upliftment and spiritual development of the human kind in various parts of the world. They are a team of dedicated priests belonging to the Catholic Church and witnessing to the life and teaching of Jesus Christ. We commemorate October 4th as Founder’s Day.

Vision: Bloom and Blossom

Every student studying and passing out of this school must have grown in his/her sense of the divine, respect for human life, compassion for the poor, concern for justice, awareness of oppressive social structure and commitment to help to build a better human society. Therefore the school aims at:

  • The fullest moulding of the student’s God-given talents
  • Sound intellectual growth enabling reflective, logical and critical reasoning
  • Development of communicative skills
  • Development of sense of self-worth (realistic, knowledge, love and acceptance of self) and to become a responsible individual within the human community
  • Development of an ability to critically assess the reality, the values and trends of the society, honestly confronting social injustices of racism, sexism and religious intolerance, violation of human right and the problems of the socially marginalized


The school aims at the integral development of every student with special focus on emotional maturity, good health habits, better communication skills and above all sense of the divine in pursuit of wisdom par excellence


  • The Circle: Signifies the universe and stands for integral education in the global context
  • The Person: Stands for the integral development of children/ students in the context of co-education through which he/she enlightens the self and others
  • The Book and the pen: Symbolize the learning skills of reading, writing and speaking. To that end the Little Flower English Medium School pledges to mould the future of the children /students to be productive citizens of society at large
  • The Lamps: Stand for hope and inculcation of value based education to children/students. take a holistic and integral approach: developing the physical, psychological, intellectual

Our Motto: “To Be Light of the World”

Our School motto is “To Be Light of the World” which is imbibed from the Holy Bible (Mathew 5:14).Children/ students are the light of the society. They come with a lot of potentialities that ,like clay ,need to be moulded ,transformed and perfected to be beacons of hope and light in the world .In our context ,our motto conveys the idea of refinement ,completeness , perfection and encapsulates the meaning of moulding ,transforming ,cultivating and sanctifying .Thus ,our motto takes a holistic and integral approach: developing the psychological ,intellectual and spiritual aspects of one’s personality. Through imparting knowledge, excellence, values empowerment towards liberation and national integration, teachers exercise their midwifery function of educating (to lead out), bringing about a new birth by transforming the era, natural, ordinary material into something polished, beautiful, cultured and perfect.



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